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Dubfire 27.12.2013 Tania Vulcano 18.10.2013 Lost & Found DOUBLE DAMAGE pres BANG BANG ALLEANZA LABEL NIGHT Eivissa Sounds/ Manu Gonzalez /Raoul Russu/Alin Stoica/Audiopulse Mahony's Birthday Bash Sick Travellin' World Tour /Fritz Kalkbrenner/Negru/Gully/Mahony Youth Bank - Leather Party STEREO EXPRESS BY URBAN MUSIC PHIL WEEKS / KOSTA / PIFTEK Party till the end of time 2012-2013 Remember by Sunrise pres Ricardo Villalobos / Dan Andrei Kristal says Matador/Luis Junior/Rosario Internullo/Alin Stoica Fur Coat / OK Corral /Charlie Boy Kristal Says Tania Vulcano /Negru / Gully KRISTAL CLUB ANNIVERSARY [9 YRS] REBELS NIGHT OUT AFTER ALL ..THERE'S THE AFTERPARTY